Fresh Fish Van

Fresh Fish Van

We now have a Fresh Fish Van at the Farm Shop car park every Wednesday from 9am to 2:30pm.

The Fresh Fish & Shellfish will vary during the year and what is available.

This is a list of what they have on the van on 8th December 2021, subject to availability.

🎄🎄 A quick reminder that tomorrow is the last day you can place an order with The Cornish Fish and Shellfish Company for collection on Wednesday 15th December 🎄🎄

We have some squid 🦑 on the van tomorrow

On the van

🐠 Cod fillet

🐟 Hake fillet

🐠 Haddock fillet

🐟 D- cut Smoked salmon

🐠 Plaice

🐟 Cornish sole( megrim)

🐠 Bass - whole or fillet

🐟 Bream

🐠 Monkfish

🐟 Tuna

🦑 Squid

🐟 Skate wings

🐠 huss

🐟 Natural smoked haddock

🐠 Manx kippers

🦀 Dressed crab

🍤 King prawns


All subject to availability especially with all this wind 💨 💨


"The Cornish Fish and Shellfish Company"

My name is Jeremy Blackmore:

I have been a fisherman for nearly forty years fishing from Mevagissey my home port and sometimes further afield east in the English Channel as far as Weymouth and west down into the Atlantic, for the last six years I have been fishing on a part-time basis Putting more time into my cooked fish business on the harbour in Mevagissey during the summer months and working a small 19ft boat.
I am selling the present fishing boat that I own with my business partner Andrew, he has taken on the position of Mevagissey harbour master while I am putting more effort into selling and promoting British fish and shellfish, especially from our own local day boats which in Mevagissey consists of a fleet of approximately 36 vessels varying in size from 18 feet to 44 feet which a are all locally owned, skippered and crewed catching a diverse number of species.

Fishing comes first and foremost in our village and I am passionate about keeping it going as it is a unique way of life and must not be lost. Whenever possible I will buy fish and shellfish from our local boats and also local merchants who buy off of Newlyn and Plymouth markets.
I must point out that most fishermen belong to the responsible fishing scheme as they all want to preserve a future for fishing, especially for their own sons and daughters. Although most fisheries do not have marine stewardship accreditation, this does not mean they are not sustainable.
MSC is just too expensive for individuals and small fishing associations to belong to, I will highlight this by our own Cornish hand liners association, whose members specialise in hook caught Mackerel, Pollack and Bass probably the most sustainable fisheries in the country who used to have MSC but can no longer afford the very high expense of being members to be awarded the labelling.

I am running the fish van at various farm shops in Devon with my friend John who has also spent most of his life fishing. John Will be there most of the time and can answer any questions you may have, while I myself will spend much of my time sourcing the fish and shellfish and catching some of it.

We hope you like our product and take this opportunity to thank you for supporting us and the fishing industry.

Jeremy Blackmore

The Cornish Fish And Shellfish Company

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