We have a selection of locally produced artisan cheeses available from our cheese counter. We also have a range of pre-packaged cheese that varies from time to time. 


For the last 25 years Curworthy cheese has been made at Stockbeare Farm in the Mid-Devon countryside using milk sourced from local dairy farms.

A 6-month-old cheese giving a mature taste with a creamy texture. Curworthy is a full fat hard cheese with a creamy light buttery taste when young and developing into a full flavoured mellowness when aged.  The curd after pressing overnight in traditional presses is then matured in special temperature-controlled ripening rooms.  No colouring or preservatives whatsoever are added - except salt which enhances the flavour and lengthens the cheese's life.


Devon Blue is one of the few cheeses made by Robin Congden of Ticklemore Cheese in Totnes, South Devon. The cheese is allowed to mature for six to eight months to fully develop its flavour.

Made using Freisian cows milk this is an excellent blue cheese with clean, buttery flavours.



Maryland Farm is situated less than 15 miles from the village of Cheddar itself. Historically most dairy farms in the area would make this local cheese for their own village and today, whilst it is made all over the world, there are only a few farms left in the region still making this most famous of cheeses. In order to protect the heritage of these cheeses made in their own historical region and in keeping with traditions, there is now a European Community registered Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) for West Country Farmhouse Cheddar.

A strong, deliciously rounded cheddar with a sharp depth of flavour and slightly crumbly texture.



Yarg was first produced 30 years ago on Bodmin Moor by a farmer named Alan Grey who found a seventeenth century recipe for nettle wrapped cheese in an attic and decided to try it out for himself. Today the cheese is made by Lynher Dairies in Ponsanooth, Cornwall, one of the most successful artisan cheese makers in the country.

Nettled Yarg made from pasteurised cows milk with fresh, lemony flavours. It is creamy under its natural rind and has a slightly crumbly texture. The nettle leaves, which attract naturally occurring moulds, are brushed onto the cheese in concentric circles. As the cheese matures, the edible nettle rind imparts a delicate, mushroomy taste.



The Lubborn Creamery is nestled in the lush valley of Cricket St Thomas, Somerset - one of the best dairy farming regions in the country. The company pioneered the craft of making soft-mould cheese in the UK over 30 years ago and over the years have used their collective experience to produce excellent traditional soft ripening cheeses.

Creamy Somerset Brie with a mild, fresh flavour and a soft edible white rind. The curd is the colour of straw, and as it ripens from the outside in, it becomes softer, richer and with a fuller flavour. To fully enjoy the flavour of this brie, remove it from the refrigerator at least an hour before serving.



Trevarrian creamery is nestled on the hillside of the north Cornwall coastline, using time honoured techniques the team source the sweetest Cornish milk enriched with cream to produce award-winning cheeses. They are all distinctive with soft and silky textures and a creamy flavour.

Cornish Brie is handmade and has a delicious mild and creamy flavour and melting, smooth texture. The team at Trevarrian creamery use the finest natural ingredients and take pride in sourcing all ingredients locally wherever possible. Cornish milk is rich and creamy and gives this brie a characteristic yellow, buttery colour. Cornish Brie is made using full fat, pasteurised cows milk sourced from Cornwall. Ideal for the cheese-board, in a salad, sandwich or for grilling.



The Sharpham dairy began in 1981 in the eighteenth-century coachyard of Sharpham House. Using the rich milk of their own Jersey cattle and vegetarian rennet, demand soon began to exceed supply and in 2003 the company relocated to bigger premises with modern facilities. However, the team still employ traditional techniques and all cheeses are made by hand and free from GM ingredients.


An excellent Devon made, top quality brie. It is an unpasteurised Coulommiers type cheese which has been handmade in the Creamery to their own recipe since 1980. Salt, starter cultures and vegetarian rennet are the only additions to fresh Jersey cow milk. This Sharpham Brie has won numerous awards including Silver Taste of the West.


Sharpham Rustic is a semi-hard, unpasteurised cheese made with Jersey cows milk. It has a fresh, lemony, creamy flavour when young which developes into a lovely nutty taste when mature.


A variation on the Sharpham Rustic flavoured with fresh chives and garlic, giving a real savoury depth of flavour which complements its creaminess. A semi-hard cheese made with unpasteurised Jersey cows milk.


The Sharpham Ticklemore Goat cheese is a pasteurised, semi-hard goat milk cheese made with vegetable rennet. It has a moist, slightly crumbly texture and a zesty, subtle lemon flavour.



Set deep in the heart of traditional Stilton cheesemaking country is the small town of Melton Mowbrey where the Tuxford & Tebbutt Creamery stands, externally unchanged since its construction in the eighteenth century. The Tuxford & Tebbutt brand is a guarantee of prize-winning traditional Blue Stilton which will delight the palate.

Made in the traditional way this classic Blue Stilton is rich and creamy, with complex flavours and a piquant finish. One of our most popular cheeses.


Classic white Stilton mixed with mango and ginger at first seems like a strange combination, however it is a mix that works very well indeed.